One of the driving reasons for the community getting behind the save Camelford Leisure Centre campaign was to safeguard its essential place in delivering physical education experience and swimming lessons for up to 800 local school children.

Over the last year we have been building great bonds with our local primary schools. As a team we are working very closely with Camelford Primary School and Boscastle Primary School. Every Tuesday and Wednesday a member of staff delivers a fun and exciting session consisting of ball games and multi-skills games. The children are finding these sessions both enjoyable and rewarding. They are developing their general ball skills, for example hand to eye co-ordination, throwing and catching. Some of the activities include: warm up (the Jungle Run!), various types of relays and fun games like ‘Sharks and Fishes’. ¬†We hope to increase the range of activities as we extend our working relationships with our partner primary schools, and help them to deliver their physical education in the most exciting and engaging ways we know!