The directors of Camelford Leisure Centre recognise that Coronavirus is a risk to all the users and staff at the Leisure Centre.

The directors are also very aware that the Leisure Centre plays an important role in the social and healthy life of the local community.

At this time, the directors intend that the Centre should stay open and run as normal with the following provisions

  1. Users and staff are encouraged to follow NHS guidelines on regular handwashing and other actions to reduce the risk of catching or spreading Coronavirus infection.
  2. Users and staff should not come to the Centre if they are feeling unwell. Staff are to be directed to tell anyone who seems unwell when they are at the Centre to go home and seek advice from the NHS Helpline (111).
  3. Staff will clean surfaces, door handles etc with suitable disinfectant as regularly as practicable.

These actions will be reviewed in line with advice and/or guidelines issued by Public Health England, Cornwall Council or other statutory bodies.

The directors will close Camelford Leisure Centre if that is the advice from the above organisations.  While closed, the directors intend that the staff will be paid at their normal rate for as long as the business can afford to do so.