As we stated in our Christmas newsletter we are having some major works done in our pool plant room over February half term.  Unfortunately this will see a closure of our pool from Monday 17th February – Friday 21st February 2020.  The fitness suite and sports hall will be open during this time with their normal operating hours, all our dry-side fitness classes (Circuits, Pilates etc) will run as usual.

The works to the pool filters have been scheduled to ensure the longevity of the swimming pool for years to come and to keep our water quality to the highest standards!  After a recent filter inspection there is a clear build-up of corrosion inside the filters.  Its very important that we are proactive in maintaining and preserving the life of these filter vessels.  Pool filters work by directing the flow of water through compact sand in a pressurised vessel.  The scheduled works include removing the sand in the filters and grit blasting the corroded metal from the inside of the filter vessels.  Then the vessels need to be re-lined and refilled with a new glass filter media.  The glass media is an upgrade from the old sand and gives increased life span and improved filtration.

The total cost of the works is £13,500 and unfortunately we were unsuccessful in our £10,000 grant application with the lottery funding to help cover the costs.  It is an expenditure that must come from our limited reserves. If we do not act now, in time we would have to replace the filter vessels which would involve a lengthy pool closure, some large scale demolition / building works at a cost of at least 4X the price!

(On the topic of funding and finances our sports hall roof is in increasing need of replacement.  If any members know of any grant funding pots that may help us raise the £100,000 for the roof please do get in touch with us 😊)

In the 7 years that Camelford Leisure Centre has been funded and managed by the community this is the 1st time the pool has had to be closed for more than 24hrs, a record we are very proud of.  We apologise for any inconvenience the closure may cause, but we hope you understand the need to undertake the work and would like to thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support of CLC.

The contractors are hopeful that the work should be completed over 4 days but we have allowed an extra day for un-planned hiccups and for the pool water to balance and reach an enjoyable temperature by the scheduled re-opening on Saturday 25th February.